Dataplicity reinstall after microsd fail


After replace another microsd card on raspberry pi (3 time), I make the emoncms fresh install and use an old backup to retrieve all configuration.

The backup works well (thanks) but now I try to config dataplicity to use the “same” installation and wormwhole, because I have some devices using this external URL.

I can create a new device in dataplicity and delete the existent, but the wormwhole / URL will be different.

I don’t have the initial installation line code, but is possible to find the information in dataplicity ?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @netrider, the line of code that you paste to install a new dataplicity client is always the same and is provided in your dataplicity account.

Unfortunately the URL always changes and is randomly generated each time, I have to update my bookmarks every time I end up reinstalling dataplicity.

Thanks @TrystanLea.

So, if I understand well, in case of reinstallation, inclusive if I have the same installation command line “”, dataplicity will generate another external UR for the same device.
It’s not possible to maintain the same URL in case of reinstall.

In dataplicity I can’t retrieve again the curl command for the already installed raspberry pi.

I suggest you ask Dataplicity. Their support has been quite good in the past.

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That is correct as far as I understand, you will notice that the “” command never changes as you add multiple devices.