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Current Monitor/Shunt

I’ve just launched the current monitor/shunt, here’s a video all about it.


Hi. What is the max voltage? 32s ok? Amp rating depends on the shunt from what i understand about this.

The shunt will go up to 85V

only now i thought of checking the shunt’s git, i see now that the limit is the ina228

The lm5009a also has a limit, but that will go up to 95V

Awesome @stuart

You da mann…

Very exciting. Now I just want the new controller to also get it’s power directly from ones pack up to 85vdc without an external buck converter :slight_smile:

Not so easy for the controller unfortunately as there are so many different voltages used by people.

An external DC to DC converter is best for this application.

is there anywhere which has stock of the ina228 i cant find it anywhere anyone shed any light on this thanks

Mouser should have a few in stock. I was considering a bulk order for the US but due to parts shortages it would not be very economical unfortunately.

nope none that i can see :frowning:

Looks like mid-July for availability:

@stuart how hard would it be to support the INA238 as an alternative (16-bit vs 20-bit, otherwise near identical)? is around half the cost of the INA228.

Hardware is similar, but the i2c registers are different (3 byte values vs 2 byte values) so I’d stick with the 20bit one for consistency.

Don’t TI have some in stock?

It would appear they do have some in stock, though I’d expect them to have more than 4000 in stock really. also appears to be in stock but it is very limited and is around 50% higher than direct from TI.

Ahh, didn’t realize the registers were slightly different.

Mike, if you decide to do a group assemble/buy on the shunt boards, put me down for three!

Someone have a current monitor board for sell? I dont like to oder in China 1 board…

ill have 4 boards in uk spare soon, youll just need to get the ina228 chip and the current shunt for it

Is it possible to adapt this design for a higher voltage, so that it is suitable for 32S configurations?

No - its limited by the INA228 which has a max voltage of 85V