Correcting/flattening historical data spikes in

Hi All,

Been looking around as I am sure I have seen this before but cant remember how to fix it!

I have made a mistake with calculations today and ended up with rubbish data on one of my feeds, how do I go about correcting or flattening down the bad spikes e.g. below!

Even if I was able to crop the spikes down to around 5k it would help accumulative data dramatically!


On the Feeds page, you have a tickbox next to each feed. Tick it, and a rubbish bin appears at the top. Inside that, you can empty the feed of all data, remove (trim) previous data, or delete the feed.

If you want to delete in the middle of “good” data, then what you’re looking for is in Visualisations, Select “EditRealtime” and the feed. You can pick off individual points, or delete or scale everything in the window.

It can be a bit hit and miss identifying the points, “Delete data in window” didn’t work for me, but multiplying by NAN did.

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You need to ensure you zoom in so that all data-points are loaded into the graph, otherwise you get every x points.

Delete data in window has never worked for me, I tend to replace specific points with valid data values.

Thanks @borpin @Robert.Wall. Just to confirm all my data is in is the option to edit on it?

When I go to Visualizations I don’t have an EditRealtime option.


Thanks, Richard.

No I don’t think so - @TrystanLea?

Yes Im afraid this option is not available on at the moment. Do you have a lot of historic data on that feed @boydo prior to these erroneous values?

Thanks @TrystanLea the data goes back to Feb, would like to keep it if possible. If not I would have to think about if I want to delete it or not.

Should probably run my own cms :slight_smile: if I did is it possible to import/export feed data?

Yes, you can do this via the emoncms Sync module, it will download all your data for you. You will need to reconfigure input processing and dashboards but the feed data downloads easily.

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