Contact from France - Let's meet about your platform! - mid-September

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Hi the OEM community :wave:

2 weeks ago, I met the GreenValley’s hydropower guys (including Grant Peisley) during the REVE2019 gathering in France, about renewable energy communities. Grant showed me your super-platform to display energy data,, and it’s just mindblowing :open_mouth::grinning: I didn’t know Open Energy Monitor had so much in stores!!

Thing is, we organize another meeting for a european project called Empower, mid-september 2019 in Lorient, France. The theme will be “open-source data monitoring platforms for energy/ecology transitions” : we try to gather the local public authorities that could benefit from those tools, and encourage them to switch.

I really think OEM could fit in just right in this event. It’s far-fetched, but if by any chance someone from the team happen to be in Brittany at the time, feel free to come by! I’m fully available to talk about it, even if there’s no plan to come (could be later, just to meet the local dev community we’re building as a side-project).

Or if there are users from France/Brittany in this forum, that would agree to come and talk about it (the platform part, rather than the monitoring itself), please reach out to me :wink:


ps: @glyn.hudson I PM’d you on twitter about it too…

More about our community (in french) :
and an example of a display tool we set up for Lorient :

Hi all,
Great that you’re making connections!
I’m wondering if there is a link in France to the ECCO project, perhaps via Energie Partagée? We could pursue the opportunity of using ECCO as a conduit for you guys getting together in Lorient.
There is an outcome in ECCO for conducting Flying Visits to share expertise. Depends on existing allocations and budgets but maybe worth looking into.
Let me know if you want me to check my end.

Hello @Jaxom, great to hear from you and thanks for the link @CymrAussie :slight_smile: I don’t think @glyn.hudson or I can make it unfortunately, a lot on our plate at the moment, but thanks a lot for the invitation!

By the platform are you referring too or OpenEnergyMonitor more generally?

You might be interested in this forum post:
CydYnni, EnergyLocal Community hydro smart grid - blog post

and our ongoing work on demand side response that is part of the same project:
OpenEnergyMonitor Demand Side Response Development & Emoncms Demand Shaper module

It’s all open source so you are welcome to use it as part of your projects.

Your dashboard looks great! :slight_smile:

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Hi again,

Thanks @TrystanLea for pointing out the blog post and other resources. Indeed I was reffering to this specific part (energy community, power production dashboard…). Great to see that the project is up and running, 2-years in :+1:

@CymrAussie hey, that’s great! I think we can indeed find links, through EP or Ville de Lorient… Not this time, but maybe for another event, before the end of ECCO project. I’ll ping you if something arises.

I’ll keep an eye on all of this, and maybe we will experiment it live with a french community…

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