Connector type for this micro inverter

does anyone know what type of AC connector is needed for the inverter similar to this one

I looked all over the internet but I can not find any useful infromation

I personally would avoid stuff like this like the plague as its unlikely to last and you cant even easily find all the necessary materials to complete an install.


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I second that. A more costly product from a reputable manufacturer is likely to prove cheaper over time. To me, a paucity of information about spares or repairs means that the supplier has no intention of supporting the product once they have your money.

no judgement here–
it comes with a cable that you slice into to AC line in a common junction box or buy the ones they provide - generally if you wiring it up to your fuse box it should have it own GFI breaker or on the GTI pass through on GTI outlet ( cheaper) then install up to the load of breaker Ie 15 amp breaker - 6 - 250 watt GTI…

not sure how many panels you are hooking up but these are nicer ones and they come with 15- 20 year warranty
1200 w GTI

1200w gti

they also have smaller 600 watt and 300 w available in either 120 volt and 240

The main issue with them is they are actually illegal to use in the US because they lack UL certification.
For that reason, insurance companies don’t like them either.

As the other users have said, this (and others that lack UL cert) is a product that is best avoided.

I don’t know what part of the world you’re from but it also lacks the UK certification too.


Dave, was that directed at me?

I’m in the US.

Nooo, just wanted to add for the original poster


And the rest of the EU.

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I can’t find any waranty info at either of the links you provided.

I agree. You can get an Enphase M250 for not much more … and I am sure there are many others from established, safe brands.

I can vouch for the M250. I’ve got 10 of them. Very happy with them.
Available on flea-bay for ~140 bucks, sometimes less.
M215s can be had for ~90 to 100 bucks. At that price, it’s a no-brainer.

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when you go to the manufactures website they list the warranty, allexpress are generally resellers or trade houses. and when you ask they will provide you with the warranty info.

Ditto, I have 19 panels all with M250s (professionally installed) and after two years I am very happy.

Warranty aside, here’s the main problem with using it in the US. (the OP is in Hawaii)
(from a review on Amazon)

When I talked to my local utility I was told that If it was not on the approved list at “[…]”
And it had to be UL 1741 to be used in the USA. If this unit was used in my system I would not be allowed to connect it to the utility. This is a grid-tie inverter, it does not work unless it is connected to the utility.

It would also void my fire insurance because it is not UL 1741 listed.
I really want this unit to be listed so I can use it.
I have emailed the manufacture and they tell me this is a very good unit but the cost of UL1741 is too munch unless I would buy 2000 unit then they would conciser UL listing.

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I’ve also got 30 M215s, and an S280. Am very happy with them as well.

I understand the concern with the lack of UL listing and questionable reputation of such products. However, I need a micro inverter that is 120v. None of the name brands make 120v models. If anyone can point me a good 120v 60hz inverter I would appreciate that.

I am located in Hawaii, US.

Just keep in mind that I am installing only one 270W panel that will be mounted on the top of the swing in my backyard (not on the roof)

Do you not have a standard split-phase 240V installation? Is there something preventing access to your load center (breaker panel)? If you have access to your load center, and it’s of the 240V split-phase variety, an Enphase M215 would be a good fit for your PV module.

It is physically unfeasible to run a dedicated cable from the location of the PV to the breaker panel. I do have a regular GFI outdoor outlet 5 feet away from the PV, that is where I want to connect the invert to.

If you don’t need that socket for anything else, it could be rewired as a 240V connection in your load center. (dual-pole breaker if one is available, tandem breaker, if not) Then all you’d have to do is hang a small junction box where the receptacle is now and you’d be good to go.