Connector type for this micro inverter

I believe this inverter that you originally inquired comes with the proper weather proof cable. all you probably need to do is cut off one end and wire it to your GFI outlet. keep in mind that they use generally the european colour code of blue, brown and green/yellow. and not the black/white and green. you might be use too-- just ask the shipper to confirm if it comes with the high voltage weather proof cable before ordering it

if not they list it supplied when they ship it

260 gti

Unfortunately, that circuit is used for living room and bedroom as well. However during the day the load on the circuit is only 5W, so there is plenty room to hold a 270W PV.

Thanks for the heads up for the color codes. I did find the one that comes with the power cord 250W 250 Watt 100V/110V/120 Volt Solar Power Inverter Grid Tie Inverter Pure Sine Wave Inverter WVC300 KAIDENG micro inverter|invert generator|inverter charger pure sine waveinverter ups - AliExpress
So far this one looks like a best option for me.