Connection error

Hello all. So I purchased a new phone and around the same time we had a new wifi router installed by our provider. I am connected thru wifi and I am able to access emonpi and my electric. All my feeds are working. I am getting “connection error” when opening the app. I scanned the QR for setup. Any ideas?

Hello @rber what details did the QR code copy across? Does it show the URL for the emonpi locally?

Im not super familiar with the app, perhaps @glyn.hudson can give more pointers on this.

Hi Trystan
Thanks for your reply.

The QR code brings over the URL as emonpi/emoncoms

The API read key is copied over properly

I assume the account name is the same as user name in My Account so that is correct if my assumption is correct

When I open up the app i get a message at the bottom of the screen which just says Connection Error.

If i click on the page settings in the app I get error message which reads:

Unable to download feed list. Please check URL and API settings as well as connectivity to emoncms.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my phone just to see if something might have gone wrong during the installation process but that hasn’t yielded any positive results.

The first time I installed it on my previous android phone it worked like a charm so I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble with this one.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks @rber, In the URL can you try emonpi by itself (without the /emoncms) part.
If that does not work, can you try the IP address of the emonpi on your local network (assuming your phone is connected to the same local network for both as you mentioned above).

Created github issue:

Hi Trystan
I tried your suggestions but have had no success. I can log in on my phone through a browser and the IP address but I can’t get the app to pull in any data using the same IP and string I use in the browser.

Hello @rber I’ve tested here with the latest image and it appears to work fine. Could you copy the result of Admin > Server information here?

Server Information


Active Running
Active Running
Active Running - sleep 60s 48 feed points pending write
Active Running
Active Running
Active Running
Active Running

Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks!