Cell modules (a lot) (4.0 & 4.4) , 3x controller, 3 x new controller boards + components (25x attiny841)

Hey guys,

I’m selling off my DIY BMS stuff.
While I totally like this project, I just am not able to finish my build.
4x JKong BMS are now doing my batteries for over 1.5 years, its time to abandon this project for me.

I used to have a setup prepared for 80 cells…, 5 x 16 280AH Eve cells.
Life happened, now 3 x prebuild BYD 260Ah each and one DIY 280 Eve.
Running stable for a long long time…
Never change a winning team:-)

My hoarding collection is roughly this:

33 x 4.0 boards, the heatsink you see is with thermal tape
4.0 boards

30 x finished 4.40 boards. Heatsink is fixed with thermal epoxy (on 17)
4.40 board pic1
4.40 board pic2
picture of 16 with heatsink

20 x not yet finished 4.40 boards, all parts included.
20 4.40 boards new, incl. parts.
second picture

6 controller boards, not yet finished (all parts included)
controller boards

5 x new controller boards not finished, one with display, for 3x all parts included
new controller boards


6 x ESP8266

Relay boards

I have 25x attiny, 20 to be used for the not yet populated boards.

Possibly Ebay is a better place to sell.
Attiny goes for € 10 there (UK) ( € 2.50 poland)

That is not where the enthusiasts are :slight_smile:
This community has given me a lot, I like to give back.
I’m not giving away for free… absolutely not.
You also don’t have to expect to pay 10 bucks for attiny :slight_smile:

Just send me a message via OEM forum if you are interested to buy.

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