Cell board coming up as zero voltages

I have had a little step back with a dropped screwdriver when removing old BMS, and have blown a few fuses that i had installed, but on replacing the fuses i seemed to have lost comms to a few boards, plus one cell board coming up as zero voltages, since then i have installed a second controller board so there is 11 banks on each controller, on the controller that has all 11 cells showing up properly the roundtrip is 2233 msecs, I need to chase up some more 2a blade fuses to see if i can get the lost boards back online, i have a few spare cell boards if i need to replace any dead ones, also i have found that my emonpi that i am sending the data to, is having trouble getting all the data, I will kept you informed of the progress once i repair the damaged cell boards.

After an unexpected power surge/short I have seen the EEPROM memory of the ATTINY wiped out. This causes the module to work but to report zero volts. If you try and configure the module from the web page you can set the calibration values back to normal and it should start working again.

After such events I have also seen the EEPROM getting corrupt, so a module will appear invisible (communications go through it but it ignores the commands, green LED doesn’t light up). This is resolved by clearing the EEPROM and reflashing the code to the module.

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also i have found that my emonpi that i am sending the data to, is having trouble getting all the data,[/quote]

If you use the controller code from this branch, it will fix the MQTT issue for people with lots of modules

I am slowing bring them back online, just wondering how do you go about clearing the EEPROM?, I have only upload into the attiny and have made no difference, as I don’t how to clear the EEPROM for a fresh write.

You could try uploading this code first (which will clear the EEPROM) then just program using platformio normally.


hfuse = 1101 1110