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Cant remove App from ERROR

Hello, I have my emonpi feeding to remote cloud and created a couple of Apps one of which I wish to delete but when I try I get the following error, I have tried different browsers.

EmouCMS Error
Message: Uncaugt ReferenceError APP is not defined
Route Lib/jQuery-111.3 min.js
Line 5
Column 21599

Whatever I do I cant remove the App.

Any ideas please.

Many thanks,

Hello, I’ve ran into this problem before, I used the solution outlined here: Can't delete app


Thanks Tom,
Taken a look but I assume this refers to CMS on the emonpi local, my problem is the in the cloud remote I cant execute commands on the web site, or am I not correct ?

Ah, apologies! I didn’t read the ‘remote’ bit in your first post. I’m new here so wouldn’t like to speculate any further

@TrystanLea looks after, he should be able to help.

Thanks @Robert.Wall I’ve replied to @Tardis in his PM.