Cannot edit dashboards after upgrading from EmonCMS 9.7 to 9.8.10

Due to a problem with the inability to update any dashboards (see here) I decided to upgrade to the latest version of EmonCMS.

I am on a self-hosted platform running Ubuntu 16.04LTS.

The upgrade went well, everything seems to be working which was nice. So I decided to go into one of my dashboards and try to make changes. Unfortunately when I click the gear icon button in the upper right corner I get a little toolbox menu but no way to add, remove, change, etc any items on my dashboards.

So I decided to try and create a new dashboard. Same results. I get the little toolbox but I cannot do anything else. Going back to github and reading the docs does no good as the example screenshots do not look anything like the new screens.

Rolling back to the 9.7 version fixes part of my issues in that I can create new dashboards but not with a graph as outline in the post I linked to above.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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