Can’t login “you are not allowed to login as guff666 from this address”

What’s that all about?

I’ve had to login from my phone to log this.

I’ve no idea. I can’t see anything out of the ordinary in your account details, it’s really a question for @TrystanLea

All I can think is a spammer has used the same IP address at some point in the past. If your ISP rotates your IP address, maybe rebooting your router will get you a new one, which hopefully won’t be blocked. No doubt your phone uses a different IP address and that’s why you got through with it.

I had that the other day. I wondered if it was my PiHole but possibly not.

Definitely weird.
I’ve got two ISPs. Using one account gives me the error, but the other works fine.

What is it I remember from some months ago about some weirdness in the URL? www or not?

It’s not a variant on this, is it?

It looks like a cookie problem? I signed out and using, I was locked out. With a different browser - straight in.

Hmm. Logged in using my neighbour’s Wi-Fi and my alternative account OK.

And with my normal account - but still the neighbour’s Wi-Fi. (He won’t mind - I spent a couple of hours on Saturday felling trees for him :grin: )

Now more weirdness - swap back to my own Wi-Fi without logging out or closing the browser, and it’s seamless.

I blame the Gremlins.

Had same error this morning here. First time seen. Went off to do some other things … came back a few hours later and all ok. I don’t believe in Gremlins.

I get this same issue - switched from Firefox to Brave and it lets me in. Very odd.

This happened to me yesterday, and it’s working fine today. Definite weirdness.

I got straight in this morning with Brave, now I can get in with Opera, not with Firefox or Chrome - and neither can I get in with those two using my neighbour’s Wi-Fi.

Maybe Cloudflare has tweaked something?

@TrystanLea should be able to cast some light on it.

Hi guys, sorry about this. It looks like it’s because the forum is served via Cloudflare CDN. I’ve now added the cloudflare template config to our discourse build, so this shouldn’t happen in the future.

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Whatever was the problem, seems to have gone. Logged in OK this morning.
If it was you, @glyn.hudson - Thanks!

Me too - Brave, Chrome, Opera and Firefox all OK, straight in.