Can openEVSE default be set to Eco Mode?

Apologies if I have missed an answer in my search.

Is it possible to configure the openEVSE / emonEVSE with a user default for the starting position of the toggle switch between max rate charging and Eco Mode (where the charge rate is throttled to some available surplus wattage)?

Presently, my emonEVSE always starts up in Max mode but I normally want to charge in Eco Mode.

Perhaps the toggle could be sticky and the unit starts up in the last-used mode?

Many thanks for a great product that’s working really well for me.

Hi David, Sorry it’s not currently possible to set EcoMode as default. We may look at adding this option in the future. However, the design decsion was made to always default to ‘Normal’ mode to avoid the situation when a user expects normal charge speeds ang gets caught out by Eco mode charging much slower.

It is possible to enable EcoMode via MQTT so you could create an automation using something like NodeRED to auto enable EcoMode every time a car is plugged in.

Thanks Glynn,

I know nothing of MQTT or NodeRED. Not by any stretch am I a programmer.

Where can I look to find a very basic start on creating this automation?

Thanks for your help, David.