Can I install emonCMS Backup module in Ubuntu?


I want to install emonCMS backup module in in Ubuntu. Does the module only work on the raspberry?

Thank you for your help.

I install the backup module in my machine ubuntu

But he show me this error :

What’s the solution ??!!!

Where did you install the backup module? I doubt you have a /home/pi directory.

The easiest thing to do is to create a /home/pi directory for installing emoncms modules (and other stuff perhaps?) so that your system remains in line with the “OEM norm”. Although there is a setting for the home directory in the emoncms/settings.php file, did you set that? However I’m not 100% sure if that sets the path for the backup module, worth a try I guess :slight_smile:

I raised a PR on GitHub quite some time ago about the paths in the backup module being hard coded (not even a variable to set in the script) which is a real PITA. IIRC, to use the backup module from EmonCMS you need the feedrunner(?) script but I didn’t understand why at the time.

Do you have redis enabled?

I installed it, Ubuntu 16.04, and recorded all the paths I could find. No errors, it shows up in emoncms, but nothing happens. I have not had time to look at it any further.

I suspect because you do not have the service runner installed. This is a script currently in the emonpi repository (there is a suggestion for this to be moved as several modules depend on it). If you search the guides for ‘servicerunner’ or ‘service-runner’, else look at the emonpi installation notes you should see how to install it.

hi , thank youuu for your respponse all,
I followed all the steps to install the module, I even changed the computer name to “[email protected]”,
i installed the service runner with this command libe ,

* * * * * ~/backup/service-runner >> /home/pi/data/service-runner.log 2>&1

but it still does not work,
i have the same message error,

IIRC I tried running the export bash script from the command line to see if there were any errors.

I also note that the backup module has a version of service-runner in the repo. I do not know if this is the same as the emonpi version.

Other than that I am afraid I cannot help.

May be the same problem as I had when installing the SYNC module. Have a look at this: Local Ubuntu Emoncms and Redis - #31 by Lykke