Backup Export not working

Hi All
Tried to backup my data using “Setup | Backup |Create backup” but all I get is a fleeting message saying “Backup Flag Set” - nothing else!

Any thoughts?

Raspberry Pi + WD HDD running | 9.8.27 | 2017.12.21

Is this a self install or an EmonSD? Last time I looked, the backup script assumes it is an EmonPi based setup and the file paths are all hard coded.

borpin, thanks for your quick relpy.
Pre-built image (full version) - so I guess you’ve answered my question.

Is it possible to modify the scripts? Where are they? Is there an idiots guide to directory structure / file locations, etc. for this build?

From what I can see, my mysql database is at “/var/lib/mysql” but a quick look in “/home/pi/backup/config.cfg” suggests that this and most other things are coded to be in “/home/pi/data” - I don’t have such a folder! Is it a simple case of editing the cfg file?

I knew I’d looked at this before.

And the PR

But no one picked it up.

The backup module is separate from the main core.

I’m not familiar with the Prebuilt image I’m afraid. My issues revolved around the install not being on a pi.

Hmmm. I guess I need to re-think my backup strategy.
Thanks anyway for you help.

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