Cable glands for emonVs-PSU

Can I ask what cable gland is used for the RJ11 cable on the emonVs-PSU?

Does the same one work when a USB cable is fed through with the RJ11 cable?


@Gwil would be the one to answer this.

However, the gland on the low-voltage end is a “standard” one for a round cable and does not anchor the flat cable that’s used for the d.c. power and the voltage samples. It would require a special bush (similar to this but noting the cable used is a lot flatter than 1 mm² TE) to provide a secure mechanical fixing, which I would expect to be prohibitively expensive.

@glyn.hudson - do you have the part number for the gland we use? Also, look at Robert’s comment above.

It is an M20, I believe it is this one:

Yes, it’s just a standard M20 gland