Hi, any ideas on what I can do to fix this Booting issue?

Welcome, Chris, to the OEM forum.

This is funny, it’s the second time this has been reported in days. Look here to see what solved it.

If that doesn’t help or you can’t reflash your SD card for whatever reason, report back here.

Is this bad luck or an issue with the SD cards (assuming it’s the same problem)?

We had a bad batch of SD cards a while ago, we’ve now moved to industrial grade SD cards which are a big step up for reliability. Please contact the shop with your original order number, and we’ll arrange a replacement SD card to be sent: [email protected]

It’s usually possible to restore your data if needed by putting the old SD card in a memory card reader and plugging it into the emonPi USB socket then running restore: Import / Backup - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Hi, I just wanted to report that my friend and I had two separate incidents like this within a day or two of each other. I purchased my unit a few months before he purchased his. I’ll try to get the cards RMA’ed from your email address.