Boosting the wireless range

I’ve just installed two emonTH sensors. One accesses the emonBase easily, but the other doesn’t reach the emonBase if it is located where I want it to be: I have to move it closer.

Ideally, I want the emonBase to be where I have a UPS installed, but this means it is in a shed at the bottom of the garden, approx 8m from the house. one emonTh is in a rear bedroom, but the other is in a front room. The latter can’t be heard.

So, is there anything I can do to boost the signal? Maybe a better antenna on the emonBase or the emonTH?

Hello Gareth,

Have a look at this thread:

You can add a ground plane to both your emonBase and emonTH.
This is probably the easiest and quickest method.
There is at least one other solution, but that involves purchasing a new antenna.
This method may resolve your issue at very low/no cost.

Thanks, Bill
I should have found that myself.