BETA: OpenEVSE WiFi 3.x ESP32 - hardware available

We’ve been busy migrating the OpenEVSE WiFi ESP8266 (WiFi 2.x) to ESP32 (WiFi 3.x).

The ESP32 will give us more resources to enable future developments. Currently, the ESP32 version has a stable point of development and is feature parity with the WiFi 2.x ESP8266 version. With the following new features:

  • HTTPS Emoncms posting support
  • MQTT device discovery (announce message on connection)
  • Unique hostname & device ID (enable multiple OpenEVSE on same WiFi)
  • VPN / port forward access fixed

ESP32 hardware is now available if you wish to get onboard with ESP32 WiFi 3.x, it’s s drop-in plug-and-play replacement with the ESP8266 module:

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Hi glyn i understand that by upgrading to the esp 32 solves the problem of no comunication via VPN on the older esp …
i was trying to find the binary file to download to the esp32 are they avalable yet .
othrwise i would like to compile this code to try it . i use the aurdino ide am i able to use this
or do i need to set up a compleat new system to be able to compile this ?
regards bill

Yes it does

Hers is the pre compiled esp32 WiFi 3.x for the esp32 huzzah

If you want to compile you will need to use platformIO.

Many thanks I have spent the afternoon trying to find this .
I have started trying setup platformio on a Ubuntu on a pi laptop But that seems to be giving me a few issues . Think I may set up

A new install on a laptop I have spare thinking of Linux mint install

Been told that it is very good ?

Cheers. Bill

Regards. Bill

I’ve got no experience of Mint, I’ve always used Ubuntu. It should be possible to install PlatformIO with a single command:

sudo python -c "$(curl -fsSL"

What error are you seeing?

Then cd into repo then compile and upload:

cd ESP32_WiFi_v3.x
pio run -t upload

All dependences and libraries be downloaded and installed automatically.

Might want to update the shop listing to say it includes the ESP32 rather than the “Huzzah ESP8266 WiFi Module”.

I presume it’s just the software that’s under development. Hardware isn’t going to change?

We’re still currently shipping ESP8266 with WiFi 2.x in current EmonEVSE / OpenEVSE kits purchased via the shop.

The ESP32 WiFi 3.x is still in beta testing and is not yet being included as standard. This post to announce the availability of ESP32 pre-loaded with WiFi 3.x in the shop is for developers and early adopters to help us test before we make the switch.

Yep, I realise that, but the shop listing for the ESP32 you gave above says that it still includes the ESP8266.


  • Huzzah ESP8266 WiFi Module
  • UBEC 5v Regulated power module
  • Custom power & communications cable
  • Latest OpenEVSE WiFi V3 code preloaded

Speaking of which, I assume you don’t actually need to swap out the power module, or the comms cable?

What I was querying was that if I buy the ESP32 module now, it’s not going to change down the road. It’s not a custom module that you could be making modifications to?

Thanks, good spot. That’s been fixed.

Yes, the ESP8266 module will need to be swapped for the ESP32 module, the pins out are identical.

No, we’re not planning on making any hardware changes.