ESP32 beta: solar PV divert feature significant update V3.2.0

I’ve just published a beta WiFi 3.2.0. Firmware release for the ESP32 OpenEVSE/EmonEVSE WiFi module.

The update is a significant improvement to the solar PV divert (Eco Mode) function.

Once the updated has been tried and tested we hope to back port the update to the ESP8266 WiFi module (currently installed in most OpenEVSE/EmonEVSE units).

If you are already running an ESP32 module, you can update to this firmware by downloading the pre-compiled .bin attached to the release via the web interface.

Please feedback on this thread, if possible include Emoncms graph of solar pv / Grid IE vs EV current/power to illustrate.

Here is the change log from the release:

  • Realtime VRMS via MQTT for improved solar PV divert calculation. e.g from emonPi emon/emonpi/vrms

    • Note: this feature will in the future be used to improve the OpenEVSE energy calculation, this will require a OpenEVSE controller firmware update (as yet unreleased)
  • Significant update to solar PV divert functionality:

    • Eco Mode is now pervasive between charging sessions

    • PV divert (“Eco Mode”) will now pause charging once solar PV / Grid IE drops below the minimum (6A ≈1.4kW) and will resume when more power is available.

    • Charge current calculation is now processed via a smoothing algorithm to avoid any stopping/starting charging unnecessarily

    • Timer charge functions as an overnight boost timer’. If EcoMode is left enabled and a timer is set e.g overnight off peak period, the EV will charge at full current for the duration of the timed charge.

    • Enable ‘advanced’ mode to adjust smoothing and minimum charge time settings:

    • Improved user display to communicate charging state e.g “Charging from Solar”, “Waiting for Solar” etc

Pre-compiled FW for Huzzah32 attached below. For other hardware builds see platformio.ini for supported hardware: