AVR-DB: emonTx V4, new hardware in progress

Looking forward to Emonpi2… I am ready for a hardware refresh…

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Probably a little late in the design cycle,… but has any consideration been given to some forced cooling,.My ‘emonpi v1’ can get a little warm,… particularly when the ambient temperature reaches 40C… …although chips may be running within their rated temperature spec,… its always nice for their extended life to run them as cool as possible,…

Thanks @garyjuergens

@diyhouse no forced cooling, it’s not something we’ve looked at yet. Really the Pi4 is way over powered for what we need. It would be good to look at under-clocking, and other options to reduce power consumption / chip temperatures. Would prefer Pi3’s and the pi zero 2w, the latter we plan on making available as one of the options with the emonpi2.

The emonPi2 is now available to order:

See also new emonPi2 thread here: emonPi2 Pictures & Spec

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