AVR-DB: emonTx V4, new hardware in progress

Thanks, hope to fit the board later and saw the warning in the manual about the sub board moving.

I’ll have a look if it have a suitable bolt and washer stock - I was also wondering about sticking foam padding to the opposite face to support the board.

The expansion board only goes about a third of the distance to the back of the unit, so quite a bit of foam…

I offer another alternative to mounting the expansion CT board…
drilling 4 holes 2.5mm dia. above and below the board allows for a 'more robust ’ mount of the expansion CT board. having installed the board,… it shows no signs of movement,… and on the face of it seems quite ridged.
The board must first be installed,… then the ties secured, tightened, and finally trimmed, then the board assemble can be reassembled into the case. Pics attached


Obviously I’d received an early extension board in order to validate the emonLibDB library - and I immediately spotted the shortcoming and referred it back to the designers, but it was too late, it had already gone into production.

I don’t like your solution - it’s just wrong, but it’s just about the only thing that’s practical.

Neither do I particularly,… but the additional fixing have good insulation,. and they take the strain ( to some extent ) of the connector.
Pretty sure they’d fail a vibration test… :slight_smile:

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It’s a great practical solution for my design oversight. Thanks for sharing @diyhouse.

I’ve fixed this with mounting holes and well fastened set of spacers for the new expander for the emonPi2 / emonTx5 :slight_smile:

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