Are CT by YHDC revenue grade?

As the topic suggests, are the CT provided by YHDC revenue grade i.e can they used to figure out the monthly electricity expenditure for your household?

Which ones? The SCT-013 series are most definitely not. The YHDC website has data sheets.

But… Do you understand what we mean by “revenue grade”? It refers to a guaranteed accuracy for both amplitude and phase errors over a quite wide operating range.

Why do you need revenue grade? Are you reselling electricity to someone else? If that’s the case, you should buy a certified revenue grade meter - then nobody can argue. Without that, you are liable to be accused of cheating because the numbers you come up with depend on a lot of things as well as the c.t. - like the how you measure the voltage, and the accuracy of whatever it is that you are building to measure the voltage and current.

I am building an energy monitoring system for my 3.5Kw solar panels. With esp32 responsible for sending the data to my AWS DB. Moreover, I thought about having a good and accurate CT if I can find one and came across different grades of CT clamps, so that I could have an accurate reading with little to no compromise on accuracy through which I can predict my electricity bill and maybe plan my finances accordingly. Also use a blink app. Thus, I asked.

The ‘best’ route for accuracy, not necessarily the most educational, would be to get a Modbus-enabled DIN-rail meter.

You’ll pay roughly the same for the complete meter as you would for a single c.t., with no guarantee of overall accuracy.

I would recommend the inline MID approved SDM120 for revenue applications: