Android app screen timeout when in fullscreen mode

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After updating to 1.2.2 I noticed the screen was not always staying active when in fullscreen mode. I’m not totally sure that 1.2.2 is to blame since I did to a hard reset to my tablet before updating.

Has anyone else noticed this change?

Having the screen stay active with the backlight on when the app is open or in full screen mode is very useful if not essential to be able to use the app as an ‘always on’ energy display as I do at home with a wall mounted tablet.

Sorry to ask a daft question, But have you set “Keep Screen On” in the app settings? possibly undone with the hard reset.

Wops slightly embarrassingly I had forgotten about that setting. Yes, you’re right, the hard reset caused the keep ‘screen on’ setting to be unticked :relaxed:

I would think it would be a good idea for this setting to be turned on by default…no big deal to turn it on.

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