Alternative to Etcher to write images: USBImager

I have just come across this tool USBImager as an alternative to Balena Etcher.

Works on more platforms, is a standalone exe on Windows and allows for the reading (and compressing) of images from a USB (SDCard).

Might be useful and give a smaller image to download @TrystanLea.

Here’s a link to the binaries:


Looks good. NO dependencies, multi-platform, small file size and no spyware/adware. thumbsup


It appears to have trouble finding the destination device if it isn’t plugged in ***before *** USBImager is started.
And despite the name, it also recognises SD Cards.

Strictly speaking I think they are on the USB bus.

I suspect most people not conversant with that would be led to believe that it’s for USB devices only - i.e. USB Flash Memory or USB Card Readers.

I wanted to make it clear that built-in card readers are also catered for.

I did include a reference to SD Card in my original post. As most folk plug the SD Card, into a device that then plugs into a USB slot, I don’t think there is much confusion to be had… :slight_smile:

Really? Numbers?

Although they usually are connected via an internal USB path,
in some cases they are PCI or PCIe devices.