After update, INPUTS page shows LOADING

Hi, after an update few weeks ago (I think from 9.7.1 to 9.7.9) my emoncms (from emonSD-07Nov16) starts to show LOADING… everytime I try to reach INPUTS page. There is no result, node or anything else except LOADING…
FEEDS and every other content is working right now, the only fault is in that page. Is there anything I can do to fix this annoying problem? I’ve searched in this forum but I’ve only found that this problem was already fixed in the past.
Thank you in advance for your help guys!

@pb66 Can you help?

Oh don’t be worried about it Robert, I backed up my data and reinstall everything and now it’s ok. I really don’t know what happened! Thank you for your concern, have a great weekend!

That’s good to hear as I do not think there has been a definitive reason for this error pinpointed, I do recall there have been a few occurrences and one or 2 have recovered but I do not recall any pattern as to how or why, For example see the Loading … message on Feeds and Inputs thread.

I saw that thread but that I checked everything before create my own, cache, browser etc. I hope that won’t happen again!