Loading ... message on Feeds and Inputs

I’ve just run a git pull and have the latest v9.7.1 … now the Feeds and Inputs page just shows "Loading … ".

On inspection I can see “table.js:89 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘draw’ of undefined”

I’ve also run all admin updates on the db.

Any thoughts?


Just gone back and it seems to work now. Not sure what changed, I didn’t do anything! Did it need a “first time” run?

Gone back ? as in surfed back to the url of latest dev version of emoncms OR reverting to previous version ?

If it’s the 1st thing it could have been a caching issue in your browser if you reverted to another version than the latest it could be a problem…

1st thing i do if i get some kind of these issues is refresh the browser page a few times or clear cache to see if it solves it …

Quick and easy way to refresh your browser and clear the cache at the same time:
Windows = ctrl-F5
Linux = F5
Mac = Command-R

Ref: Refresh your cache - When hitting F5 just isn't enough!

No, just left it “loading” then went back to the page a while later and it seemed to have completed loading the Inputs/Feeds. I had given it a few minutes, before I left it.

i did not know about CTRL+F5 ! Will have to try that sometime … thanks

Are you using Redis? if so, I’ve seen this before when the redis cache is corrupted, and can be cleared by;
$ redis-cli flushall