Advice needed on how to "Publish to MQTT" (process missing)

I have what is I hope, a simple question.
I have installed EmonCMS via GIT from the Stable branch on Ubuntu 14.04.
Very nice and I have various feeds, inputs, Apps, graphs etc all working nicely.

However, nowhere in the input process list can I find “Publish to MQTT”.

I have MQTT broker set up and tested fine and settings.php appropriately updated but I just cannot see the “Publish to MQTT” process listed (there are dozens of other useful things).

Seeing that some people had a similar problem, I tried a new installation from Master branch. However, this was worse with all the input processes listed as undefined so I gave up on that.

Hopefully there is something simple I have missed or do not understand.

Many thanks,


May be worth reading this thread;


Hi Ian, many thanks. That was highly useful.

  1. I pulled master into a new directory.
  2. Got the matching Modules.
  3. Did the admin update.
  4. Modified the settings.php

Now working, can publish to MQTT!

Best Regards & thanks again,