6 channel monitoring - What to use

I want to monitor 6 channels currently, with possible expansion to 12 channels later
I use the SCT013-000 clamps

I tried with an ATMega328 with 6 sensors, but the readings are not accurate if it’s fast, when the sample time is long enough to read accurate readings (As compared to a commercial CT ammeter), I get one cycle every 30 seconds

My options are:

  1. Use multiple ATMega328 with 2-3 clamps attached to each.

  2. Use ATMega32u4 which has more analog lines, not sure if it will actually read any faster, but it is used here: https://shop.controleverything.com/products/12-channel-on-board-ac-current-monitor-for-iot, they state ‘Current Monitoring controllers spend 1/2 second evaluating each channel.’ which is a lot faster than what I am getting out of a 328.

  3. Use Arduino Due, I see there is a ported version which can be used: Home Energy Monitoring System

Option 3 looks like the best, but the Due is very scarce here in South Africa, and very expensive at the few places I can get them

If you don’t mind a two week delivery time, a Due clone can be purchased for quite a bit less than the genuine article. I bought one for USD 17 and have had no issues wit it.

an example.

Yes and no, long story short, the South African Post Office is terrible, ebay orders take anywhere from 10 weeks up to a lifetime to deliver, so buying from ebay is only viable if DHL or similar is used, and then it’s cheaper to actually buy locally.

How about one from about this shop? Same story?

IotaWatt would be perfect for this. We hope to have some pre-production units in the shop in the next few months:

IotaWatt does look like exactly what I need, have thought of maybe using an ESP-12E since I have two or three of them laying around and I would’ve probably used an ESP to transmit the data either way.

I’ll definitely look at it a bit closer, thanks