3 phase solar setup

Is there a guide to setup “my solar” app view with 3 phase solar, or someone there can help me with the setup over teamviewer?

Hi Bruno,
I am looking to do this soon, so will be interested to see what is done - so no guide per say.

I have been running my three phase OpenEmon with an emonPi and a couple of EmonTX units, getting the vrms feeds for all phases. It took a while to work out, but I have the power input from the EmonPI going to a number of feeds, one of which collates the two other power inputs from the TX units, for a total use figure, and another one that collates the kWh totals. These then are used for the app inputs. Doesn’t give a separate phase graphing, but it allows a total picture to be seen.

This seems to be working - although I am getting some occasional negative use figures off the phase with the lowest (almost non-existent) use - filtered out as >0 for the feeds. I am also getting the kWh drop off a cliff result when the power is interupted, i.e the incremental kWh count drops to zero again and starts rising when the power is turned on.

I am anticipating doing the same feed setup for the solar input as well.

As an aside, it is fascinating seeing the voltage feeds, as two are floating around the high 240v to 250v range and one is dropping into the 215v range. I am presuming that the houses around with solar are on the two high feeds. I am in Australia, so 230v is the target.