10 Channel Remote Monitoring product remix question

I am trying to create a building power monitoring system, quickly and ecconomically. I have been looking at the emon TxV3, Pi and Base. Both the Pi and Base use a Pi. In my mind I could put the emonBase board on the Pi in the emonPi, saving 1 Pi and adding 2 remote emonTxV3 to expand to 10 sensor inputs in total.

Is it actually possible to combine the emonPi and emonBase? If this is not possible, what would you suggest for a 10 channel system with 4 remote(60M(~180") unobstructed) sensors? Maybe you know of a better sollution for this situation, as long as it can be implemented fairly quickly with little or no building/testing? I’m all ears!

I am new to this range but am highly technical. I need a preferably off the shelf solution with the capacity to cater for current needs and potentially be expanded. This range seems ideal, with some customisation.

Kind regards

An emonBase is an emonPi without the 2-channel cut down emonTx inside it. You can’t have a second voltage and current front end inside, there isn’t room for it or the additional connectors.

Look here. All I know about that build is in the thread, but I think that would solve your 6 local channels problem with ease. You’d still need the emonTx for the 4 remote channels, and the emonBase, which could run your local emonCMS accepting the data from both the emonTx and the “overeasy” unit.

Otherwise, it looks as if you need one emonPi and 2 x emonTx, the emonPi and one emonTx being co-located to handle the 6 channels, and the remote emonTx handling 4 channels.

I’m assuming it’s a single phase system, but as you’ve put a very silly answer for your country, I’ve no idea what power system you have. There was a good reason for that question - perhaps you can see what that reason is now?