Zoolz - 100GB free 'cold' cloud storage

Anybody tried Zoolz cloud storage?

They are currently offering 100GB 256AES encrypted cloud storage free for life. It is however ‘cold’ storage, so to download data, you select which files that you want, and you’ll get a link up to 5hrs later to download the data - you can’t access it upon demand.
It’s based upon Amazon’s ‘Glacier’ system, which seems to be becoming more popular.
Uploads are not exactly speedy, although I’ve uploaded 7GB yesterday and today (not overnight) whilst my laptop was unused, and I believe that future backups will be incremental, so should be much quicker.
I’ve also successfully downloaded some test data from storage, which seemed easy and trouble free.


I’ve not used Zoolz but I have used Amazon Glacier (and S3). The multi-hour glacier slow recover was too frustrating. I remember the recover session timing out a few times before a download started. So then you start all over again! not fun! I now use Amazon Drive (cloud storage) and that I like! Sorry this didn’t directly answer your question about Zoolz.

Looks good, in the UK it costs £55 per year, which isn’t bad for peace of mind.

As I understand, Zoolz is just a front end for Glacier, so it’s a nice opportunity to get Amazon storage at no cost, provided users are happy with the delayed recovery.

I ordered 1GB of files for recovery, and got a download link 2hrs later (which remains active for 24hrs). It seemed to download the 1GB much faster than it uploaded it.