Zigbee with Emonpi

Hi , I would like to know if it is possible to use Zigbee with Emon Pi??

What are you thinking of doing?

Hi there, I am doing my final year project on energy monitoring network. The task is to design a single phase SMART energy meter by measuring the load consumption from an extension cord, compute the cost and monitor the load consumption, after that, transmit the data via Zigbee to a Cloud base system for monitoring . I am still raw when it comes to understanding the limitations of communication. So it is possible to use Zigbee with Emonpi or rather is it possible to sync Zigbee with Emoncms??

There is no builtin Zigbee functionality. How you are going to get the information off the board doing the actual measurement, will impact how you do the zigbee communication. There are plenty of zigbee dongles and add on boards available. There is quite a lot of information on ths site that will help you :wink:.