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I just installed solar panels hooked up to APSystems micro inverters. Those micro-inverters communicate with APSystems ÉCU unit which can be used to monitor production and other parameters.

I am looking for a solution to grab the zigbee signal emitted by the micro-inverters and to feed it into my émondage… any suggestion on how to get started?

A search didn’t yield much, aside from the zigbee2mqtt plugin which seems to work the other way around to control zigbee devices from Matt.


I thought it was bi directional. Fairly sure it picks up status from paired devices (if they send it).

I see there is a discourse and forum so I’d ask there http://www.zigbee2mqtt.io. Once published as an mqtt topic, importing the data should be simple.

you need to add the new device to zigbee2mqtt configuration file -

zigbee2mqtt works in bidirectionally you can control a device as well as get info from a device… to get the most from it flash the usb zigbee sniffer with the newest z-stack firmware…

I found this to be the easiest step by step method

but just using the the newest z-stack firmware listed above.

once you get working you could then submit it to zigbee2mqtt forum to get it add to the list of supported devices

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Thanks for the answers, the “sniffers” was the piece I had missed.
Between hacking my emonbase without breaking updates, getting the zigbee hardware/software stack working, and working out the proprietary APSystems zigbee format this looks like a pretty involved endeavor, so I’ll probably take some time to research alternatives.

For example using node-red to scrape the APSystems ECU web application :slight_smile:


I’m not a fan of loading everything on one RPi - too much to break. I have a PiZeroW setup just for my zigbee gateway. It has just sat there and done it’s job no bother.

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actually to get itt (the zigbee bridge) to work is not that difficult - while never did on RPi which is well supported I did mine on openwrt router platform so I had to jump an extra mile to get it to work… but setting up new devices are actually not that difficult - generally just a little trial and error- copy and paste for the most part

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It will likely depend exactly which model of ECU you have. It sounds new so could be the ECU-R. If you ever find a web interface on the model to post how you get to it! As far as I can see that web interface trick was only available on the ECU-3.

I have an ECU-C; spying on the web UI I found the request that gets graph data - it is a bit crude but it does what I need:

Request URL:  http://192.168.1.xxx/index.php/realtimedata/old_power_graph
Content-Type:  application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8
Body: date: 2019-06-26

Response body: {"power":[{"time":1561520645000,"each_system_power":0}, ...

The times are Unix epoch timestamps, I call the URL every 5mn (that’s the rate at which the ECU-C updates) and I grab the last entry in the power array. That in a node-red process, so I just post to MQTT and emoncms takes over from there :slight_smile:


Franck102, do you think is possible to connect to APSystems YC600 without ECU-3. I use zigbee2mqtt. I see xaiomi devices but i don`t see inverter. Power off/on inverter - nothing happens in zigbee network - log show only xiaomi devices. The device AP YC600 has no button - I can not restart. I can only turn it on and off but it does not give. The device works - it produces energy.
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Hi Przemek,

I never followed up on that idea, because I managed to get the info I need from the ECU-C over WiFi… and since I have never looked into Zigbee, I won’t be able to help you much.


We have managed to sniff the YC600 initial traffic. We are looking for someone who owns an ECU-R (ECU-C might also be good enough) and is willing to sniff the registration traffic of a new device. Please join our discussion: pairing APsystem YC600 · Issue #4221 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub

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Franck102, would it be possible for you to help us with sniffing the zigbee registration proces between your ECU-C and an AP YC600?

@franck102 last visited the forum in February. He should get an email to notify him about this thread.


If you put an @ in front of the name, you get a notification @kadzsol :grin:.

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