WVC1200 crazy behaviour

Hi guy, I bought my second WVC1200 microinverter. Connected two Canadian halfcell 550W cell to the inverter. However, when I power it, my microwave starts by itself, my door ring goes crazy and my nespresso start the coffee. How crazy is that? Any similarities?

From what you write, I think you might be asking for advice on how to cure an interference problem.

Have you followed the manufacturer’s instructions for the installation, especially with regard to grounding?

If you have, and the inverter is new, you should probably ask the seller why this is happening. An inverter should not emit enough interference to cause other appliances to malfunction - always assuming they comply with the proper standards for RFI immunity.

Thx @Robert.Wall . I’ve did that. I was hopping to see if anyone faced the same problem. I will post any updates.