Wrong Daily kWh reading, Possible bug?

Hi , I got this very strange reading from my kWh/d feed. If you look at the Simpler kWh/d zoomer the value is WAY too high. Looking at the day itself, there is no data that indicates there is a problem. Not sure if it is a bug or just some bad luck.
Is there a way that I could “remove” the faulty value?

Day view of the data

Should I note this as a bug?

I'm afraid none of us are this guy here.

You've not given very much information to help anyone to decide where the problem might be.

How did the bad value get in there? Is it emoncms.org, or emoncms on an emonPi? Is there an emonTx involved? Did the data go all or part of the way by radio, serial or Ethernet?

Hello @Robert.Wall thank you for the nice artwork , responding and letting me know what information is needed.
Here is some more info:

System Specs are as follows:

  1. Local install Linux Lubuntu 16.04 Emon CMS | 9.8.8 | 2017.07.18 installed.
  2. Data is sent via the API , with a data reader from an inverter.

I don’t think that the data was captured incorrectly as you might have noticed the “watt” data was captured correctly. I suspect that it could be a process issue in the kWh/d side (The second picture shows the correct kWh for the day. It is only when you look at the bar graph that you see the incorrect value)

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If you’re reasonably certain that it is a bug, then by all means report it. If it is reproducible, so much the better.

I’ve been struggling with this issue too. I know last night I had a power mains failure, which caused a spike in the data. It also happened a few weeks back, and at the beginning of the year. So that’s 3 times in two months. This is messing up the stats.

I’m happy to provide some logs and other details to help debug this. Just tell me what I need to provide.
The best I can see at the moment is that it is happening on the Power to kWh processor.