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Worth upgrading emonbase emonSD-03May16 firmware

Sorry - just in doubt here.
Running emonbase, emontx, some heat sensors + openevse.

Emonbase on emonSD-03May16
Here is my question:
Would an upgrade to new emonbase firmware on the pi open access to more openenergy monitoring features. So far everything is stable, I have a good dataset for our heatpump and would like to add reporting on the car’s charging to it - that does not seem to work.

If you recommend upgrading to a newer firmware version, I’ll add a backup question - would rather not loose my dashboard setup.

Thanx in advance!

Best regards,


Hello @Antoine_Maartens

We’d generally recommend upgrading for images that old, even if just to get the latest security updates, I’d follow the import using an SD card reader to a second card if you can do that Import / Backup - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor, your original card would be left intact and so you could always revert if something goes wrong - I can understand though if youd prefer not to change a working system.

I dont quite follow though why reporting of the car charging isnt working? Are you wanting to integrate data from an EmonEVSE or from an EmonTx with a CT around the cable to the car charger, or maybe something else?

Thanx Trystan, worked like a charm.
Will try to add the EVSE.
This is still quite a struggle.
Best regards,