Wifi setup reports wlan0 no such device

I’m trying to configure my Rasberry Pi for WiFi. The log reports “Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant, Could not read interface wlan0 flags: No such device”
When I connect to the RFM69i module using the command “Minicom –b38400 –D/dev/ttyAMA0” it shows me the output of a Emontx that is connected. To me this proves that the RFM69i is working correct and that the ttyAMA0 device is know.
The Raspberrypi is about 2 years old and was used with a cabled connection to the router. The HW model is Raspberry Pi Model B Plus Rev 1.2
I’m using the image Emonsd-26Oct17.
I installed another unit just before Xmas and that one worked fine with a WiFi connection. It had however the pre-installed image from the shop.
Any idea what could be wrong? What is the realation between the ttyAMA0 device and the wlan0 device?
The attached log shows the WiFi log and the ifconfig output + the dmesg file contents just after a reboot.
Regards, Dirk
Dmesg.txt (13.7 KB)
WiFi_log.txt (2.2 KB)

There is none.

The Pi 2 will fail to find wlan0 unless you plug in a USB WiFi dongle, the Pi 3 has on-board WiFi.

OK Paul. That is clear now. I was convinced that the RFM69i module was the WiFi module. From wat I found on the web, the older unit I have is a RPI 1, not even a RPI2. The new I bought around Xmas is indeed a RPI3. No wonder the WiFi function doesn’t work on the older unit.
Thanks, Dirk.