Wifi range of EVSE

It seems that my emonEVSE is right on the edge of my WiFi range. I’ve got a wall-wart WiFi extender as close as I can get it inside the house, but my drive is at the other end of the garden. As it stands it sometimes connects, and sometimes doesn’t. I think it comes down to weather, and if it’s raining then the range is reduced.

When it reconnects after being disconnected it often seems to be in a state where it connects to MQTT fine, but doesn’t accept web connections. That’s annoying, but I expect solving the Wifi connection issues would solve that.

Is there anything I can do to improve to connection on the EVSE end? Can I fit a better antenna or look into a wired connection? I don’t suppose there a way to run the network over the power? :grin:

I solved this in the end by using a better Wifi repeater in the house. (A Mikrotik mAp Lite in case anyone is interested)

Now I’ve got a stable connection, so I’m not getting issues any more with the web interface not coming back up after disconnection either.


That’s good to hear. I’ve also had poor experiences with WiFi extenders.

My preference is Power line Ethernet Wi-Fi access point, at least with a powerline wifi access point the back haul connection to the router is wired (powerline)

Exactly the one I was using before. One problem is I didn’t get a lot of choice about where to place it unless I ran an extension cable. The Mikrotik could be on the end of a micro-usb cable, which was much lighter weight.

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