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WiFi problems on Pi 3B+

Is anybody else having problems with a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and wifi?

I recently bought a new one and have had trouble with the wifi dropping out. It seems to be that the firmware locks up and this issue is specific to the 3B+ and maybe the 4.

See and for some info.

I have a 3B+ from the shop for my emonBase and recently started using the wifi on it, so I’m watching carefully to see if this problem occurs with it too.

I just wondered if anybody else had seen this problem?

My recent experience with Wi-Fi is that it is usually a problem with the router/device pair.

I’ve got some Ubiquiti kit as my main network equipment and it really does not like some devices - particularly ESP8266 based devices and older Android - continually drops out. Bought one of these, flashed with vanilla OpenWrt (it comes with a modified version) and it is stable as stable can be for all the IOT devices.

YMMV of course :grinning:.