WiFi not working after istall new emonSD-30Oct18

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(John Schols) #1

Is there any reason why the wifi won’t restart with the new sd. I’ve connected via instructions to connect with ethernet. My wifi network is being seen and I’m entering the wifi code. I can see the ethernet connection on my router but wifi not connecting.



(John Schols) #2

In trying to fix my node-red query (see other post) I reloaded the old sd and it fired up with no problems and connected to the wifi router. Now about to reinstall new sd.

(Trystan Lea) #3

Hello @JohnSchols I wonder if there is any chance that its the same problem as Williams here: Cannot connect to new emonPi over wifi without ethernet cable attached

Is your wifi passkey 8 characters?

(John Schols) #4

my password is 10 characters. I’ve just plugged the new sd back. I am seeing the wifi connection as connected. I’ve now unplugged the ethernet. Getting rx and Tx packets on wifi. but if is not showing a mac address.

I’ve still got all the inputs unplugged so will turn off machine. place in its normal spot and replug all inputs and restart. will let you know if it comes back okay

(John Schols) #5

Okay back online, all appears okay at present. Quick followup question re new sd coming in post re Node-red and also SSH access to emonpi.