Wifi issues with emonSD

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(Nico) #1

[Moved here from Emoncms doesn't show the daily power graph anymore as it’s different issue.]

Hello @TrystanLea @pb66
I took the power off and start it back again. After rebooting the system is locally working properly, however is not able to connect to a wifi network anymore. It’s not seeing my home wifi network anymore. I tried in creating an hot spot with my mobile as well, but I wasn’t able to connect emonpi to the network. This is the log:

Thank you for your support


Emoncms doesn't show the daily power graph anymore
(Paul) #2

I think @glyn.hudson might be your best hope with wifi issues on an emonSD


(Glyn Hudson) #3

Is this a stock/standard emonSD image? Have you made any modifications?

What version emonSD and emoncms?

I’m assuming your using a RaspberryPi 3?

WiFi has been very tried and tested running the standard emonSD image. Maybe try flashing the latest emonSD image to a fresh sd card just to test and eliminate hardware issues.


(Paul) #4

It’s a emonPi and a freshly downloaded emonSD image less than 10 days ago.


(Nico) #5

I’m using the prebuilt sd with emonpi



(Nico) #6

Same with the new oct2017 image freshly downloaded.
I think my wifi network is in a sort of black list.


(Glyn Hudson) #7

Have you ever connected your Pi to a wifi network previously?

Are you using a hidden SSID? Does the emonPi WiFi scan show other networks? e.g try creating a smartphone hotspot to test.


(Nico) #8

Yes, the emonpi was connected to the WiFi for a long time before ​starting having issue with it.
​Then the emonpi was only working locally with the built in LCD but the emoncms was not working. Please see my previous post.
I downloaded the latest image trying to solve the issue and inserted it in the emonpi.
I set everthing up but I couldn’t connect it trough wifi, only ethernet cable.

Yes, with a newly created hot spot is working properly as well as with ethernet cable plugged from emonpi to the router.
Thank you @glyn.hudson for your support,

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(Nico) #9

I’m not using a hidden wifi.
Yes, the emonpi shows other wifi networks.

Perhaps during some trial I inserted the wrong password to my wifi. This was before changing the sd with a new one and freshly downloaded image.

I couldn’t change the password because my wifi is not listed anymore


(Nico) #10

Ciao @glyn.hudson, after one month of operation the problem still there.

With a freshly new sd image on emonpi, one month ago I changed the wifi ssid to a new one and this was enought to get everything back to work. After one month the issue appears again like before:

  • No more wifi SSID listed

  • It’s able to connect to a newly created hot spot

  • This time there was no wrong password attempt to suggest that the wifi SSID is in a sort of black list

I would like to avoid changing every month the wifi name because I shall connect again everything to it.
Do you have any suggestion? Am I the only one experiencing such problem?
thank you for your support,


(Nico) #11

Good morning @glyn.hudson Do you have any idea how to solve the wifi issue?

@pb66 Is it an already known problem?

thank you for your support,


(Trystan Lea) #12

Hello @Nico, How frustrating for you! I cant think what might be causing the issue, The behaviour you describe is not something Im aware of. We could try sending you a replacement unit to see if its a hardware issue. If you email our support email at [email protected] we can try and help further.


(Glyn Hudson) #13

Oh dear this sounds very frustrating. This is the first time we have heard of this issue. It does sound like maybe it could be hardware related. I will arrange for a replacement unit. I have just replied to your support email.