Wifi going stale


Over the past couple of months, I’ve experienced the wifi connection on my emonBase dying occasionally (no discerning pattern). Initially I thought the Pi itself had crashed so was power cycling it but I later discovered that it was just the network interface.

“Reconnecting” it via the wifi controller brings it back to life but interestingly enough, the controller doesn’t see it as offline in the first place. I only know it’s gone down via an external monitoring tool, and then manually checking the web interface.

I’ve moved the Pi to a dedicated 2.4 GHz channel but that hasn’t helped. It also has a permanent IP assigned via DCHP.

I’d be happy to accept that it was the wifi system but we have a lot of devices (including other Pis) without issue.

We’re running:
Model: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2 - 1GB (Embest)
emonpiRelease: emonSD-17Oct19
Wifi: Pi is connected to Unifi UAP-AC-M with the controller running on a Dream Machine Pro

Has anyone seen anything similar or able to offer any troubleshooting tips please?