WiFi AP password changed, but not in doc ;)

The WiFi AP password mentioned in the emonPi docs doesn’t seem to be correct anymore, the latest image has emonsd2022 as password and not emonpi2016. Should be mentioned here Connect — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation additionally, otherwise it could bring some users (including me :wink: to despair…

Yes, this needs changing @TrystanLea (I would but don’t know where the source is).

The passwords are listed under each image link.


I believe it is here: emonpi/docs at master · openenergymonitor/emonpi · GitHub. (The idea is that the documentation for each unit will generally be in its own repository, but it won’t always be that straightforward, of course.)

I’ve changed the credentials there, but it needs to be manually pulled into the docs (which would be nice to automate at some point) - only Trystan and Glyn can do that atm.

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Thanks. As this is not specific to the emonPi it really needs to be consolidated somewhere else (true of a number of aspects of configuration).

The summary of credentials for different images can be found on emonSD download page. It’s probably a matter of pointing the page https://docs.openenergymonitor.org/emonpi/connect.html#option-2-connecting-via-wifi to the download page in order to get the correct credentials rather than listing the credentials in two places…

Yes absolutely. But we need a generic setting up emoncms guide rather than this being located in the emonPi area.

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