Why my measure show a missing value every 3minutes for 5 minutes

I have a emonpi and a emonTX4, nothing many, it’s a config out of the box.
6 channels, 3 phases (only 1 read at this time)
And my reading on emonpi, if I do show missing data, I have only a mesure every 5 minutes for 3 minutes, and again and again.
I do a test with the emonpi 1feet from my emonTX4.
Why is that ?

What did you choose as the Feed Interval on the Inputs page of emonCMS? ideally, the reporting period set in your emonTx4 should be a little faster than the feed interval. The reporting period set in your emonTx4 defaults to 9.6 s (from memory), so you should choose 10 s for the Feed interval in emonCMS.

If your Feed Interval is faster than the data arrives, it records null values in the database, and these appear as gaps when you display the feed on a graph - because the graph selects points when there are more data points than pixels, it does not choose the nearest valid value.

You cannot change the feed interval, you must delete the feed and create it again.

If this is not the problem, I need to know more about what your settings are in both the emonTx4 and emonCMS.

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I’ve had this numerous times on new feeds and it has always been because the feed interval had defaulted to something unsuitable.

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Yea ok it’ look like that was it.

I recreate it and at least is always green, before that I add some orange and some time 20 or over 30s between mesure.

thanks for the help

Ho by the way how can I know what is the feed interval I have ?
Since Now I change all to 10s, but I try to look somewhere where I can find this 10s ?

Thanks for your input

If you are on the Feeds screen in your browser, hovering your mouse over a particular feed should result in a pop-up with the details of the feed (including which input it derives from and sample interval).

Perfect thanks