Why is the EVSE charger missing the RCD?

I would like to purchase a charge point for my EV. I want for the charge point to be controllable by MQTT. Nothing else, just that I can turn it on and off.

Why is the EVSE charge point sold in the store missing the RCD?

It seems important. The ROLEC and other ones have them, and the product seems to say it is.

How do I get it installed in the EVSE charge point, or does it need to go into the house distribution box?

Thanks, George

Hi George,

The OpenEVSE contains an integrated software RCD (GFCI) which exceeds the specifications of domestic RCD’s.

However, in January 2019 the UK introduced 18th Edition wiring regulations (722.531.2.101) for EVSE installations that requires the use of either a Type B RCD with built in 6mA DC capability/detection. Since the EmonEVSE / OpenEVSE does not have DC detection this type B RCD is required for installation in the UK. The Chint NL210 is an example of a RCD with 6mA DC leakage protection.

The OpenEVSE also requires a TT-island (earth rod) earthing, PME earth should not be used if the EV being charged is located outdoors.

In the UK EVSE’s should be installed by an electrician qualifed for EV charge point installations e.g OLEV installer.

Thank you. That makes sense.

So, for this charge point I need a Type B RCD in the distribution board plus a earth rode.

Some other chargers have the Type B build in, so do not have specific requirements for the RCD in the distribution board.

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