Which Solar Inverter

I am about to install 2 Solar PV arrays on my office and house. I am looking for an inverter that will play nicely with Open Energy Monitor. I am leaning toward a GivEnergy 5kW Hybrid…

Thank you

Hi @transitionrob ,

it’s Open Energy Monitor, so it’s meant to be independent from brands, performance, size, etc.

I personaly would - for instance - now choose an inverter that is already prepared to connect batteries to…

As you probably appreciate, there are two ways to monitor your inverter. The obvious way is to put a c.t. on the output and measure it. That’s guaranteed to work with any inverter.
The other way is to have one that has a data output. Probably the most common is Modbus, then you can use the appropriate serial to USB converter and send the data straight into an emonPi - the interfacer exists to decode it - but it might require some research to identify the registers your inverter uses.
A third way is to count pulses out of your generation meter, if you have one. But this is one step removed from the inverter and likely to be less satisfactory.

I think some time with the search function on this forum should reveal many makes and set-ups that are working satisfactorily. The availability might well depend on where you are in the world.

And some inverters have Bluetooth data outputs which can be used, though BT data into the EmonPi isn’t without challenges