Which Raspberry Pi for simple emoncms system?


I’ve just come across OpenEnergyMonitor and believe that it will easily meet my needs for monitoring our new solar PV installation.
I plan to put together an emoncms system on a Raspberry Pi using a Lechacal board with 2 CTs - we have a ‘Type 1’ solar PV set-up.
I have been looking for information on choice of Raspberry model for emoncms, but can’t seem to find any - I would appreciate some guidance.


emonCMS (the downloadable SD Card image) will run on almost anything - I’m running a not-quite ‘latest’ image on a Model 2B.

There an ongoing discussion about using a Pi Zero in another Topic. Does this even work on a Raspberry Zero !? - #39 by borpin

I’m not a Pi expert so someone else who is might well chip in.

As Robert says - it should work on any Pi (there are a few issues currently), but actually, it will run on any Debian based system. Ubuntu is a favourite (though 20.04 not 22). There can be a few oddities when moving away from RPiOS, but I run it on a Virtual machine under ubuntu quite happily.

For the choice of Pi, I still think a 3B+ is the best bang for buck (when the come available again). You can use an OrgangePi as an alternative, for instance.

Thanks both, I have both a 2B and a 3B+ ‘spare’ at the moment so can see which suits me better.

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