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Which meter / products?

I am looking to measure 3 phase electrical import and export usage and I also would like to measure 3 phase solar generation at the same time.

I’m a bit lost in what I need or what I’m looking for.

Is anybody able to point me in the right direction or make any recommendations?

Thanks very much.


One possibility could be Reading modbus kWh meters using EmonHub (SDM120 and SDM630). That’s the way how I’m doing (still not finished). As far as I understand you would need 2x SDM630.

Oh yeah I can see that would work.

I didn’t mention that it would be best to be non-intrusive. CTs would be ideal. I can always get a small supply 3 phase feed to supply the device for current direction and voltage readings but I wouldn’t be able to install meters in series as it would require too much work.

Thank you.

The SDM630 also exists in a CT version.