Which audio jack to use for reading the values from the CT sensor

I have ordered this audio jacks to read the values produced by my the sensor. I have some trouble reading from audio jacks as there are many pins I don’t get which is supposed to mean the GND connection and the 3.3/5v connection. Please suggest me a standard audio jack that is easy to understand for a beginner like me.

Welcome, Rutdvaj, to the OEM forum.

The connections on the audio jack are called “tip”, “ring” and “sleeve”.
For our standard current transformer, the SCT-013-000, only the tip and sleeve are used.

Looking at the picture of the sockets you have bought, the sleeve connection is clearly to one nearest to the socket. Unfortunately, I can see no markings on the socket, there is no connection diagram (which you would have had if you bought the component from a reputable supplier), so I cannot tell you for certain which of the other two pins is the tip. However, I have found the data sheet for a socket that appears to be similar, which might help.

Thanks a bunch robert for your reply, However, do you have any specific audio jacks you could recommend for me to purchase. NOTE- I am making this energy monitoring system with an esp32 and not with an arduino.

A short answer - no. There’s no means of assessing the quality from a picture, all you can do is go to a reputable supplier, because the likelihood is they have more to lose if they deal in poor quality components that a casual seller of Ebay or Amazon might.